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Smartbridge is the established leader of property related bridging finance in South Africa. If you are buying property, selling your home, applying for a second bond, need a bridging loan or are unsure – contact us. We will advise you. Our secure online bridge finance solutions are easy to use, reliable and affordable.

Smartbridge is available countrywide. Call our national help line to talk to our experienced property finance consultants who will assist you with your bond and bridging finance solution.

Smartbridge will negotiate with the banks, handle the legal processes and manage the paperwork to ensure you get your money quickly. Through our alliance partner relationships we can assist you with mortgage origination, debt consolidation and financial planning.

SMARTBRIDGE pays referral commission.
If you are a transferring attorney, estate agent, auditor, financial advisor or bank – Register with us.

Our bridging finance solutions

Selling your home?
Cash in advance, from the sale of your home.
Applying for a second bond?
Cash in advance, when you apply for a second bond.
MortgageSmart (buying property?)
Expert advice and the best rates to suit your home financing needs.
Outstanding rates and taxes on your sale?
Cash in advance, to pay your outstanding rates and taxes.
Want your commission fast?
Estate agent commission paid out quickly.
Ready to Retire?
Cash in advance, on your pension payout.
Waiting for your claim?
Cash in advance, on your 3rd party claim.
Have bad credit and need vehicle finance?
Easy vehicle financing for blacklisted clients.
Stressing over transfer fees?
Cash in advance, to cover transfer duties and costs.
Switching Bonds?
Cash in advance, before your new bond is registered.

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