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Online bridging finance success
Smartbridge began operating online in 2000, as a subdivision of Bridgebond Finance established in 1996, to make home loan and bridging finance applications easier, less complicated and faster.

Collectively in business for over ten years with an experienced staff, we are extremely pleased to have helped thousands of satisfied clients with their home and property financing requirements.

Smartbridge operates from George, in the Western Cape, as a bridging finance company with a focus on property related short-term bridging finance. Our online application solutions are designed for ease of use and fast returns. We also have a national help line, available countrywide, to assist with your bond and bridging finance requirements.

The Smartbridge team and its partners include chartered accountants, financial advisors, property experts, bond originators and attorneys. All management and staff have been trained to understand and comply with the National Credit Act. Our borrowers can be assured of receiving the best service at the lowest possible cost.

Beyond bridging

Smartbridge is a subdivision of Bridgebond Finance, which is in turn part of the R&M Group existing of:
  • Bridgebond Finance – home loans and bridging finance
  • Smartbridge – online home loans and bridging finance
  • R&M Motor Corporation – vehicle sales
  • R&M Finance – vehicle financing
  • R&M Security – guarding and armed response
  • Investment Plus Corp – investments in the motor vehicle industry
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Smartbridge resellers earn referral commission on successful bridging finance transactions referred to us.
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Smartbridge bridging finance solutions gain you quick access to funds that may only be due at a future date. 
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