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When people experience good service, they tell their friends and family about it. Which is why our referral scheme is so popular. Not only do your friends stand to save money, thanks to your recommendation, but we send you a free gift!

How it works

By recommending SMARTBRIDGE, you are introducing someone to one of the South Africa's most dynamic and well-respected mortgage brokers. If your friends haven't heard of us yet, ask them to take a look at the financial sections of the national newspapers.

Our expert opinion is sought on a regular basis. We can help your friends and family save money on their mortgage by finding them a cheaper deal, or by helping them find a suitable product if they are a first time buyer. Whatever their circumstances, our advice will be impartial, tailored to suit their needs and completely free.

Personal service

If you particularly liked or have a good relationship with the adviser who looked after your mortgage, you'll be pleased to know that all your referrals go to the same adviser. At SMARTBRIDGE, we offer a personalized service with the same staff dealing with you throughout.

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We shall make a note of your referral and when your friend or family member has received
their new bond we will dispatch a free gift to you.

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